Getting an MRI in an Open Field

Many people get nervous about having an MRI done and that is with some good reason. The traditional form of the scan is performed in a tight space for accuracy and that is tough for some people to deal with. If you are dealing with claustrophobia and you think you will have to be sedated for the scan, there is good news for you.

An Open Field

While many such scans are done in tight spaces, the open MRI is done in an open field. You do not have to be concerned about tight spaces at all because this is done in an open space that is free and comfortable. You will not have to deal with feelings of fear and anxiety at all.

This version of the MRI is just as accurate as the ordinary MRI. The procedure is completely painless and may only take about an hour at the very most. The duration of the scan depends on how much of your body is being scanned but your doctor will determine that for you.

open MRI

Discovering the Condition

Your doctor ordered an MRI for you because they want to see what is going on inside of you without cutting you open. That has to be a relief for you. Besides, you are dealing with something that you do not yet know about and the doctor needs to see what is going on. It is very important that you have this scan as soon as possible to discover your real condition.

Getting it Done

All you have to do in order to find an imaging clinic that does this kind of scan is look online for a place. It is that simple. From there, call and make an appointment and then go in to have the scan done properly. You will be comfortable.